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Cal Tjader & Charlie Byrd | Tambu

Still trying to stay in tune with the Seventies, Cal Tjader joins forces with another refugee from another time, guitarist Charlie Byrd, for an album of contemporary Brazilian-flavored jazz. The alliance is forged mostly on Byrd's terms, with bossa nova, samba and percussive displays from Brazil's interior dominating the grooves. This time, after proving very adaptable to previous experiments, Tjader seems to be out in the cold in these settings, and he lays out a lot more often than usual on this album. Byrd rides along in his gentle, prickly-toned manner on acoustic and electric guitars, and the rhythm section shifts personnel and instruments from track to track. Yet oddly enough, this is still a musically rich feast. Electric pianist Mike Wolff's "Samba de Oneida" is a marvelously propulsive samba, and "Tereza My Love," one of Antonio Carlos Jobim's most attractive sleepers, is given a lovely rendition. The title track, written by Airto Moreira, is given an authentic, rambunctious Airto-style treatment, very much up-to-date, but Cal doesn't sound totally comfortable with the rhythm on vibes, spending most of his time on timbales. Even though this isn't prime Tjader, the overall quality of the music makes it a winner.
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Charlie ByrdClassically trained jazz guitarist who helped to popularize bossa nova in the U.S. 
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1. Tambu (Tombo in 7/4) 
2. Tereza My Love 
3. Black Narcissus 
4. Sad Eyes 
5. My Cherie Amour 
6. San Francisco River 
7. Samba de Oneida 
8. Don't Lend Your Guitar to Anyone (Violão Não Se Empresta a Ninguém) 

Vibraphone – Cal Tjader
Bass – John Heard
Electric Bass – Joe Byrd
Guitar – Charlie Byrd
Percussion – Mayuto Correa
Percussion, Drums – Dick Berk, Mike Stephans
Piano – Mike Wolff

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