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Jerry Fielding | Fielding's formula

Although best remembered for the bold, evocative film scores he composed for tough-guy filmmakers Sam Peckinpah and Clint Eastwood, Jerry Fielding was also a premier arranger of the swing era, later headlining… 
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#1957 | Full vinyl LP

A1) Love for sale 0:00 
A2) Isn't it romantic 4:04
A3) Monday every day 6:58 
A4) Chicken road 9:46
A5) Polynesian peace chant 13:42
A6) Wingover 16:59

B1) Music, always music 20:01
B2) Camptown, march and blues 23:23 
B3) St. James infirmary 26:44
B4) Angel 19:25
B5) Baltimore oriole 32:04
B6) Progress report 35:39

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