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The Best of Tchan-Tchou Vidal

Paul "Tchan Tchou" Vidal is the most respected musician of the "Southern" school of Gypsy guitar playing. Unlike Django who was a Manouche or Sinti Gypsy, Tchan Tchou was from the Gitane tribe which has roots in Spain. Hence, his music had a strong flamenco influence. He also absorbed other Mediterranean influences, most notably Corsican folk music. A subtle performer of boleros, rumbas or tangos, forms of dance music which are often dismissed by purists, Tchan-Tchou is known above all as the master of Gypsy waltz. the guitar style of Tchan-Tchou, perfectly transparent, is concerned with Music and nothing else. (born in 1923 in Aix-en-Provence, France - died in 1999) 

-Modomix Article

00:00 - La gitane
02:39 - Les deux guitares
04:57 - Les yeux noirs
07:14 - Besame Mucho
10:16 - Everybody Loves Somebody 
13:30 - Bye Bye Blue
16:03 - Dolores
17:53 - I'm Confessin
20:48 - Just a Gigolo
23:20 - Flots du Danube
26:45 - Mack the Knife
29:45 - Nuages
33:18 - Premier rendez-vous
35:58 - Stranger in the Night
38:36 - The Cheik of Araby

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