sábado, 10 de maio de 2014

Leonard Cohen

Top 16 Songs ~ Week Of January 6, 2014 according to the YouTube
Some songs in the list were recorded at the concert, my favorites (((d(~.~)b))) 
Thank you Leonard for all the emotions that you transmit to us. 
An affectionate hug from one of your most fan! 
Gloria Franchi

0:00 ───Everybody Knows
5:35 ───A Thousand Kisses Deep 
11:57 ──Hallelujah 
16:30 ──In My Secret Life 
21:17 ──I'm Your Man 
25:38 ──The Partisan 
28:56 ──I Tried to Leave You 
37:20 ──The Gypsy's Wife 
43:39 ──Waiting for the Miracle
51:15 ──Bird on the Wire
56:34 ──Famous Blue Raincoat 
1:01:52 ─Because of
1:04:49 ─Suzanne
1:08:30 ─Never Any Good 
1:13:36 ─Hey, That's No Way to Say 
1:16:28 ─First We Take Manhattan 

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