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Bossa n' Marley

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If the title doesn’t give it away, this 2005 release features selections from the songbook of reggae legend Bob Marleyperformed in bossa nova style. This might not be a purist’s idea of bossa nova as downtempo, electronica, and trip-hop figure heavily into the mix, and the vocals are almost entirely female, with various chanteuses softly delivering Marley's songs of freedom.

1. Redemption Song (Amazonics)
2. No Woman No Cry (Urban Love Feat. Astrud C. & Moana)
3. Buffalo Soldier (Freedom Dub (The Trumak Remix))
4. I Shot the Sheriff (São Vicente Feat. Marlene)
5. Stir it Up (Michelle Simonal)
6. Sun is Shining (Trippynova (Shiny Remix))
7. Positive Vibration (Dual Sessions (+ Mix))
8. Is This Love (Groove Da Praia)
9. Get Up Stand Up (Sawa)
10. One Love (Anakelly (Caipora Mix))
11. Could You Be Loved (Banda Do Sul Feat. Sawa (Bahian Roots Remix))
12. Waiting in Vain (Ituana)

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