quinta-feira, 6 de março de 2014

Best of Clifford Brown In Paris

Clifford Brown is one of the greatest trumpet players in jazz history. He died at the age of 25 in a car accident, but his influence on generations of trumpet players and musicians has been considerable. Clifford Brown was a virtuoso, an amazing and brilliant technician of the trumpet. His music is modern and completely timeless. This is a "best of" the songs that he recorded in Paris during memorable sessions that featured some of the greatest talents of all time: Gigi Gryce, Quincy Jones, Art Farmer, Jimmy Cleveland. The sound on this program has been digitally re-mastered to achieve what is perhaps the finest sound quality ever.


00:00 - Blue and Brown
03:09 - The song is you
06:01 - Minority
11:31 - Keepin' up with Jonesy
18:40 - Strictly romantic
23:00 - You're a lucky guy
25:46 - Brown skins
31:54 - Come rain or come shine
36:07 - Salute to the band box
41:52 - It might as well be spring
46:51 - Goofin' with me
51:41 - All the things you are
55:35 - Baby
01:01:22 - All weird
01:06:39 - Conception
01:10:00 - I cover the waterfront
01:14:02 - Deltitnu
01:17:39 - Quick Step
01:20:23 - Bum's Rush
01:23:36 - No Start No End
01:35:22 - Venez donc chez moi

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