terça-feira, 25 de março de 2014

Anouar Brahem | The Astounding Eyes of Rita

Anouar Brahem (in Arabic أنور ابراهم) (born on October 20, 1957) is a Tunisian oud player and composer. He is widely acclaimed as an innovator in his field.[1] Performing primarily for a jazz audience, he fuses Arab classical musicfolk music and jazz and has been recording since at least 1991, after becoming prominent in his own country in the late 1980s.[2] {Wikipedia}


1 The Lover Of Beirut 7:44
2 Dance With Waves 3:56
3 Stopover At Djibouti 6:34
4 The Astounding Eyes Of Rita 8:41
5 Al Birwa 4:51
6 Galilee Mon Amour 7:17
7 Waking State 7:48
8 For No Apparent Reason 6:35

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