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Frank Sinatra | Watertown

Watertown is a 1970 studio album by the American singer Frank Sinatra.
"Watertown" was produced and co-written by Bob Gaudio, one of four members of the 1960s pop vocal group The Four Seasons. The songs were co-written by Jake Holmes. It is the only album Sinatra ever voiced over pre-recorded orchestral tracks. The album was released to mixed critical reviews and poor sales, Sinatra's only major album release not to crack the Billboard Top 100; the packaging was uncharacteristic of typical Sinatra album designs, and the album was poorly promoted[citation needed]. After a brief retirement, Sinatra re-emerged with the 1973 album Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back which charted very well.
In 2011, the band Cake covered "What's Now Is Now" on their album Showroom of Compassion.
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  1. Watertown: 00:00
2. Goodbye (She Quietly Says): 3:38
3. For A While: 6:46
4. Michael And Peter: 9:57
5. I Would Be In Love (Anyway): 15:07
6. Elizabeth: 17:40
7. What A Funny Girl (You Used To Be): 21:19
8. What's Now Is Now: 24:16
9. She Says: 28:22
10. The Train: 30:14
11. Lady Day: 33:42

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