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Charles Mingus / Cumbia & jazz fusion

Cumbia & Jazz Fusion is an album by Charles Mingus recorded for the Atlantic label in 1977. It features two extended compositions written for the film Todo Modo by Mingus and performed by large ensembles featuring Jack Walrath, Jimmy Knepper, Paul Jeffrey, Ricky Ford, Dannie Richmond, Candido, Ray Mantilla, George Adams and Danny Mixon. The Allmusic review by Scott Yanow states "The music is episodic but generally holds its own away from the film".[2] The CD reissue added two solo performances by Mingus on piano.
  1. "Cumbia and Jazz Fusion" - 28:05
  2. "Music for "Todo Modo"" - 22:21
  3. "Wedding March/Slow Waltz" - 2:04 Bonus track on CD
  4. "Wedding March/Slow Waltz" [alternate take] - 2:21 Bonus track on CD
  5. All compositions by Charles Mingus
    1. Recorded on March 1 (tracks 3 & 4) and March 10, 1977 (track 1) in NYC and March 29, 30 and 31, 1976 (track 2) at Sound WorkShop and Dirmaphon Studio, Rome, Italy.

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